Write a Guest Post

Guest posting is a great way for you and your book to get exposure. At the same time you’ll be helping my readers by providing them with some useful and relevant information. This also helps me because I am very busy and have several ongoing projects that also need my attention.

Who do we want as guest bloggers? I am most interested in guest posts from writers and others in the publishing industry who are out there “doing it”. You don’t have to be famous, but you do need to know from experience what you’re writing about.

If you have a blog similar to this covering self-publishing, e-publishing, or book marketing, then that’s a great fit. If you are a writer with some valuable experience, insights and advice to share, that would be very welcome too. If you’re not an industry expert (publishing, editing, book design, etc) or a writer with at least one book (or ebook) published (or self-published), then you’re probably not a good fit for this blog.

Why guest post here? Publish Your Own Ebooks is a well-known blog for writers that has been online since 2003. It was recently named by the Association of Independent Authors’ as one of the Best Websites for Independent Authors.

Together with the blog we have a weekly email newsletter that is sent to more than 8,200 subscribers, and we’re active socially on Google+, Facebook and Twitter where we have more than 14,000 followers. This means that your guest post will receive plenty of exposure.

I am now inviting guest posts on this blog. Please keep to the following guidelines:

  1. Your Guest Post Must be Original. It should be a new, original post, written entirely by you. No articles from article directories. No PLR content. No articles that have appeared elsewhere.
  2. Exclusive for 30 Days. By submitting a guest post to me, you agree not to post it anywhere else online for a period of 30 days after it first appears on this blog.
  3. Relevant Topics. I only consider posts relating to writing, publishing and book marketing. It doesn’t have to be specific to ebooks.
  4. Preferred Length. Guest posts should be 500 words to 750 words. Longer posts may be considered if the subject requires it.
  5. Please Don’t Query First. I’d prefer to see your entire post. Please go ahead and send it in an email, either in the body or as a Word attachment. If you are already well-known in the industry then I invite you to drop me a query first.
  6. Your Email to Me: You can email me at gary {at} altavado.com It will help if you use the following as the subject of your initial email to me (replace “Post Title” with your proposed post title):
    Subject: PYOE Guest Post: Post Title
  7. Author Bio. Please include an “About the Author” bio. This should be approximately 50 words and not more than 75 words (not including the link to your web site.
  8. Head Shot. We’ll include a photo of you with the post if you provide one.
  9. Your Backlink. The link back to your blog should be in the Author Bio, not within the article itself. Your bio link must link to your own author site, writing- or publishing-related web site or book. No affiliate links. No links to unrelated sites. Links to third-party resources that are referred to in the article may be included as links at our discretion.
  10. Are You on Twitter? If you’re prepared to promote this post to your Twitter followers in a link, please tell me and I’ll also include your Twitter ID with the post.
  11. Please Reply to Comments. You agree to respond to comments on the post and questions from readers. Please don’t just guest post and disappear.
  12. Editing and Checking. It is your responsibility to check your article for correct spelling and grammar before submitting it. Be sure to submit a polished post that you’d be proud to have published. I reserve the right to (1) refuse any article that is poorly written, and (ii) correct any spelling/grammar errors I find. Apart from correcting small errors such as these, I will not edit or change your article without first discussing it with you.

What next?

If I am interested to proceed with your guest post, you will definitely hear from me within 5 working days. If you have not heard within 5 days then please feel free to submit your piece elsewhere. This is the first time I have opened this blog to guest posts and until I see the volume of guest post proposals I cannot, unfortunately, promise to respond to everyone.

Thank you for your interest and I do look forward to hearing from you!