Free Software for Indie Authors

To do any job well you need to use appropriate tools… and self-publishing is no different. While there are many software applications that can assist you during the process of writing and publishing your manuscript some of the applications are expensive, costing hundreds of dollars each. So what if you are operating on a tight […]

How to Sign an Ebook – Autographing Ebooks for Your Readers

Readers love to get one. Authors like to provide them. Autographed books are a popular tradition and signings with authors take place at bookstores everywhere. But what do you do when your book is an ebook? Although the technology is fairly new there are some interesting solutions being developed. Here are four possible solutions to […]

Make PDF Ebooks the Easy Way

You asked. We listened. Two years ago our company launched a brand new tool to enable writers to make PDF ebooks easily and inexpensively. With one of our Easy PDF Templates you could easily add content and convert it to PDF with the touch of a button. And the beauty of it? No need to […]

How to Convert an Ebook into Epub Format

There are multiple ways that you can convert an ebook into the epub format. Here are some of the options: 1. Several online ebook stores and distributors (e.g.  Barnes and Noble, Smashwords) will convert your ebook into epub format after you decide to publish it through their service. Be sure to check their requirements on […]