How Ebook Price Impacts Units Sold

There was a good post by Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, over at Nate Hoffelder’s The Digital Reader  a couple of weeks ago in which Coker discusses how ebook price impacts units sold and what this means for authors in terms of revenue earned and the number of readers gained. He also gave a presentation […]

What is Digital Rights Management?

Online ebook piracy remains a major concern for ebook publishers just as it is for the music industry. Without some form of protection it is very easy for people to copy and share ebook files with others. That’s where Digital Rights Management (DRM) can help. Digital Rights Management is technology which can be embedded in […]

Comparison of Ebook Aggregators

Sometimes instead of publishing directly to an ebook store you may decide to publish through an “ebook aggregator”. An ebook aggregator deals with ebook authors directly and interfaces between them and ebook retailers such as Apple and Sony. The ebook aggregator may offer other services besides distribution, for example ebook design and formatting services. I’ve […]

Self-Published Ebook Author Amanda Hocking Lands 7-Figure Deal

Publishing your own ebooks is a great way to launch a career as an author, as one writer in her twenties has proven. Amanda Hocking has already sold more than a million copies and now has a seven-figure book deal. Her remarkable story illustrates how authors are circumventing traditional publishers in order to launch successful […]

How to Convert an Ebook into Epub Format

There are multiple ways that you can convert an ebook into the epub format. Here are some of the options: 1. Several online ebook stores and distributors (e.g.  Barnes and Noble, Smashwords) will convert your ebook into epub format after you decide to publish it through their service. Be sure to check their requirements on […]