4 Online Haunts Where Your Readers Live

by Matthew Turner Today’s guest post comes from Matthew Turner (a.k.a. Turndog Millionaire). In keeping up with the industry I follow many self-publishing and book marketing blogs. Over the past year I noticed one name popping up time and again, offering excellent advice and tips for authors. Matthew Turner is a strategic marketer, an author himself, […]

How Do Ebook Buyers Discover Books?

That’s what Mark Coker of Smashwords, a popular ebook publishing and aggregator service, wants to find out. He has been conducting a survey at Mobileread, an online forum that is popular among ebook readers, to discover how ebook buyers discover ebooks. Respondents were asked to choose one answer from a selection of 12 possible responses. At the […]

How to Sign an Ebook – Autographing Ebooks for Your Readers

Readers love to get one. Authors like to provide them. Autographed books are a popular tradition and signings with authors take place at bookstores everywhere. But what do you do when your book is an ebook? Although the technology is fairly new there are some interesting solutions being developed. Here are four possible solutions to […]

How Do You Manage Your Customer Mailing List?

In this post I want to give a quick overview of what to look for in a mailing list management service. As your fan base grows you need an effective way of communicating with your readers by email. If you are building your author platform online then you really need more than Facebook and Twitter. […]