7 Reasons Why Amazon’s Kids Fire HD is a Game Changer

The release of the new Kids Fire HD tablet by Amazon is not only a clear indicator that the company wants to encourage kids to read… it also shows that Amazon is smart enough to recognize the huge market represented by millions of kids around the world and the demand for good kids’ content. After many years working full-time as a […]

E-Publishing News Round-Up for 10 August

Here is a quick round-up of some of the news in ebook publishing over the past week. 5 Reasons Social Media Will Always Sell More Books …brought to you by multi-channel marketer and digital strategist Peter McCarthy who has more than 15 years experience in publishing. Read more >> Amazon Releases New Updates for Kindle […]

Amazon Launches India Kindle Store

Amazon announced this week the launch of their new India Kindle Store. India is an enormous market so this is exciting news for not only Indian readers but also for ebook authors and publishers who want to reach the Indian market. The India Kindle Store is somewhat different to other international Kindle Stores (i.e. for […]

What is Barnes & Noble’s Nook First?

Nook First is a program from Barnes & Noble’s Nook store that gives Nook readers an opportunity “to be the first to get access to some hot new books”. As part of the program a handful of new books are made available exclusively to Nook readers for a 30 day period before they are made […]

New Research Reveals How Children in UK are Reading Ebooks

More British children aged ten and under are reading ebooks on laptops rather than on designated devices like the Amazon Kindle, according to a new report from Bowker, Understanding the Digital Consumer. For children 11 to 15, however, the Kindle is the most widely used device for reading ebooks. “The e-book market is developing rapidly […]