Author Earnings Releases 3rd Quarterly Report on Amazon’s Kindle Store

Author Earnings have just released their 3rd quarterly report into who’s earning what at Amazon’s U.S. Kindle Store. The findings of the latest report include is a very significant statistic, an estimate that self-published authors are now earning nearly 40% of all ebook royalties on the Kindle store! The quarterly reports from Author Earnings involve studying data for all of the […]

Amazon to Acquire Goodreads

Today Amazon announced they have reached an agreement to acquire Goodreads. This is a big announcement and I must admit I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st already. But this is an acquisition that makes a lot of sense. Founded in 2007, Goodreads is now one of the leading online […]

Amazon’s Kindle Store – A Breakdown of Books by Category

I guess you have been to Amazon’s Kindle Store a ton of times but could you break down the books in the Store – even roughly – by category? Since visual charts and graphs are sometimes a better way to get an overview I decided to put together an Infographic showing how the books are […]

Amazon Kindle Celebrates 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday to the Kindle e-reader! The original Kindle was launched five years ago on 19th November, 2007. The original Kindle was only for sale in the United States and despite being priced at a hefty $399 it still sold out within five and a half hours. Despite the success at the launch many people […]

Amazon Deleting Authors’ Reviews of Other Authors’ Books

The Case of the Disappearing Author Reviews. No, that’s not the title of my new NaNoWriMo novel, which incidentally has kept me very busy for the past couple of weeks. First it was plotting, now it’s head down and a lot of determination to get the story written. I was taking a quick break from […]