Book Awards for Indie Authors

This post has been updated for 2013. When you browse the shelves at your local bookstore have you noticed that some books have small gold seals declaring outstanding achievements such as “Gold Medal Winner” or “Readers Favorite Award Winner”? How would you like to be one of those award-winning authors? Out of the many book […]

Best Web Sites for Independent Authors

I am thrilled to announce that Publish Your Own Ebooks has been named by the Association of Independent Authors’ as one of the Best Websites for Independent Authors. The list recognizes those sites that offer information and resources of relevance and value to independent authors. Other web sites on the list include JA Konrath’s “A […]

Amazon Lets Slip the Top Indie Numbers

I nearly forgot to post this because it happened so quietly a few weeks ago. Admittedly I’ve also been very busy on a couple of projects including the new indie author guide. Amazon, known for their veil of secrecy over sales figures, let slip in November a couple of key figures relating to their top […]

Free Software for Indie Authors

To do any job well you need to use appropriate tools… and self-publishing is no different. While there are many software applications that can assist you during the process of writing and publishing your manuscript some of the applications are expensive, costing hundreds of dollars each. So what if you are operating on a tight […]

Self-Publishing at New German Amazon Kindle Store

Amazon’s New German Kindle Store Amazon has launched a new Kindle Store in Germany, on April 23rd, primarily serving customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. The store opened with more than 650,000 titles, 71 of 100 Spiegel bestsellers, and over 25,000 German-language titles with thousands of German classics downloadable for free. German and […]