Ebooks Up 41% to $1.54 Billion in 2012

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) has released their official statistics for 2012 and ebook revenue among the publishers surveyed was $1.54 billion, up 41% from 2011. Keep in mind that these figures are not worldwide and do not even include all of the ebooks sold by U.S. publishers. Although AAP did include many smaller […]

Ebooks Overtake Paperbacks As #1 Format

It was only a matter of time. Everyone in the industry knew it was going to happen, they just didn’t know how quickly! Ebooks have overtaken paperbacks for the first time as the number one format in USA. According to the latest Association of American Publishers (AAP) Sales Report, ebook sales in February 2011 were […]

Amazon Ebook Sales Overtake Print For First Time

It’s been a good Christmas season for ebooks. Not only are there new ebook reading devices popping up everywhere, but people are buying more and more ebooks.

Publishers Find E-books Offer Greater Speed & Flexibility

John Wiley recently released its first e-book only trade book, “The Swine-Flu: The New Pandemic” by Dr. Marc Siegel, in a bid to get the most recent information on the topic out to readers as quickly as possible. And another publisher Little, Brown announced this week they will publish an e-book only update to the […]

Digital Sales Will Overtake Traditional Books In 2018

According to a September 2009 survey by the Frankfurt Book Fair of 840 international industry experts, the year when digital sales will overtake sales of traditional books will be 2018.