Weekly News Roundup for 12 December 2014

Here is a quick round-up of some of the news in digital publishing over the past week or so. Barnes & Noble strikes deal to buy Microsoft’s stake in Nook Media LLC This paves the way for the bookseller to spin off its e-reader and digital content division… Read more >> The Best Books Of 2014, […]

Author Earnings Releases 3rd Quarterly Report on Amazon’s Kindle Store

Author Earnings have just released their 3rd quarterly report into who’s earning what at Amazon’s U.S. Kindle Store. The findings of the latest report include is a very significant statistic, an estimate that self-published authors are now earning nearly 40% of all ebook royalties on the Kindle store! The quarterly reports from Author Earnings involve studying data for all of the […]

Should I Just Do an E-book?

by C. Hope Clark Today’s guest post comes from Hope Clark, the founder of Funds For Writers and author of the mystery Lowcountry Bribe. I noticed today that 45 out of 54 reviewers at Amazon have given her book 5-Star reviews. That’s great feedback! I have been very fortunate to know Hope over the past […]

Comparison of Ebook Aggregators

Sometimes instead of publishing directly to an ebook store you may decide to publish through an “ebook aggregator”. An ebook aggregator deals with ebook authors directly and interfaces between them and ebook retailers such as Apple and Sony. The ebook aggregator may offer other services besides distribution, for example ebook design and formatting services. I’ve […]

January Sales of Ebooks up 115% from 2010, Reports AAP

According to the latest sales report from the Association of American Publishers ebook net sales in January 2011 were up 115% over January 2010. They went from $32.4 million to $69.9m. This while overall book sales (all platforms, all categories) were down – almost 2%. These figures reflect domestic net sales for U.S. book publishers. […]