Digital Publishing Hackathon Aims to Improve Discoverability

On 18th-19th May a group of hundreds of digital designers, engineers, programmers, and entrepreneurs spent 36 hours in a Publishing Hackathon. The mission? To develop new approaches to digital book discovery. “How do we help people find the right book at the right time? “Book discovery needs innovation. It’s never been easier to get a book […]

5 eBook-Selling Secrets Every Author Should Know

by Toni Tesori (@Duolit) Today’s guest post comes from Toni Tesori, who is half of the team behind the self-publishing blog, Duolit. They are “two gals helping passionate indie authors publish their work and build their crazy-dedicated fanbase”. If you haven’t yet been to their blog, you’re missing out. I highly recommend it.  I’ll hand […]

6 Tips For Marketing Your Book On Reader Communities

I’ve been doing a little re-organizing. This article has now been moved to here: 6 Tips For Marketing Your Book On Reader Communities   Related PostsAmazon to Acquire Goodreads (Mar 28, 2013)

How Do Ebook Buyers Discover Books?

That’s what Mark Coker of Smashwords, a popular ebook publishing and aggregator service, wants to find out. He has been conducting a survey at Mobileread, an online forum that is popular among ebook readers, to discover how ebook buyers discover ebooks. Respondents were asked to choose one answer from a selection of 12 possible responses. At the […]

The Importance of Building an Author Platform

If you have been spending any time around people in the publishing industry then you must have heard the term “Author Platform”. It is a term used to define the demand for an author’s work, and is often considered well before the author’s work is even produced. In essence it is a measure of how much […]