The Ebook Royalties and Aggregator Charts have been Updated

I have updated our Ebook Stores & Royalties Chart and Ebook Aggregators Chart. You can click the links for the latest versions, plus there will be an updated version of my Ebook Publishing Quick Reference Card available within the next few days. A summary of the latest changes follows. Key changes to the Ebook Stores […]

FastPencil, Ebookit Added to Ebook Aggregators Chart

I have updated the Ebook Aggregator Comparison Chart on this site. In the latest version: Bibliocore has been removed. According to their web site as of 31 October 2011 they are no longer involved with ebook distribution. FastPencil has been added to the chart. EBookIt has been added to the chart. For a quick comparison […]

Comparison of Ebook Aggregators

Sometimes instead of publishing directly to an ebook store you may decide to publish through an “ebook aggregator”. An ebook aggregator deals with ebook authors directly and interfaces between them and ebook retailers such as Apple and Sony. The ebook aggregator may offer other services besides distribution, for example ebook design and formatting services. I’ve […]