4 Online Haunts Where Your Readers Live

by Matthew Turner Today’s guest post comes from Matthew Turner (a.k.a. Turndog Millionaire). In keeping up with the industry I follow many self-publishing and book marketing blogs. Over the past year I noticed one name popping up time and again, offering excellent advice and tips for authors. Matthew Turner is a strategic marketer, an author himself, […]

How Ebook Price Impacts Units Sold

There was a good post by Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, over at Nate Hoffelder’s The Digital Reader  a couple of weeks ago in which Coker discusses how ebook price impacts units sold and what this means for authors in terms of revenue earned and the number of readers gained. He also gave a presentation […]

7 Reasons You May Be Losing International Readers

…and four things you can do about it. Technology in general and the Internet in particular has made the world seem much smaller, but in reality the world remains a large and very diverse place. This diversity directly affects sales of your ebooks internationally. There are differences in internet connectivity, in brands of ebook reader, […]

The Importance of Building an Author Platform

If you have been spending any time around people in the publishing industry then you must have heard the term “Author Platform”. It is a term used to define the demand for an author’s work, and is often considered well before the author’s work is even produced. In essence it is a measure of how much […]