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You asked. We listened. Two years ago our company launched a brand new tool to enable writers to make PDF ebooks easily and inexpensively. With one of our Easy PDF Templates you could easily add content and convert it to PDF with the touch of a button.

And the beauty of it? No need to spend $300 on Adobe Acrobat to create a decent PDF ebook. And by decent we mean one with Bookmarks, Working Hyperlinks, A Table of Contents that links to chapters and pages, and Security options to prevent people copying your content!

It’s no wonder that Easy PDF Templates has gone on to be one of our most popular products ever. Now with the ebook industry really taking off this product is more valuable than ever.

And we recently decided to make it even better!

Until now our templates only worked with OpenOffice Writer. And while OpenOfffice is completely free to download, many of you asked for templates that you could use in Microsoft Word. We were listening.

So we are very pleased to announce the release of our brand new Easy PDF Templates. Now when you buy this product you will automatically receive both the OpenOffice version and the Microsoft Word version of the template.

But that’s not all. The new pack has many completely new designs. Several of the most popular designs from the earlier pack were also retained and upgraded.

And we’ve made another change especially for those of you on a tight budget. You can now choose to purchase individual templates instead of the entire pack.  It’s your choice.

The old pack is gone as of today. Our new pack of Easy PDF Templates is now available.

Here’s the link:



  1. Hello Gary-
    My partner and I are preparing to write an ebook. We have a blog that is gaining popularity and a facebook fan page that has almost 1000 followers. So, now, the ebook.
    I have been reading a lot of your articles, which have been extremely helpful, but I am curious about the ‘look’ of the ebook. I’ve been navigating your site and can’t seem to find anything that really fits, so I was wondering if you could help me learn more about how to make your ebook look good, what to do, where to find the info – anything!?
    Thank you so much.

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