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The Indie Author's Guide to Publishing Ebooks


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by Gary McLaren
Second Edition (Published November 2013)

The ebook industry is experiencing extraordinary growth and is buzzing with activity. Ebook sales are going through the roof!

Date: 10 November 2013

From: Gary McLaren

Dear Fellow Author,

Only a few years ago people were saying that ebooks would come and go. Many people believed they were a short-term fad that would never replace books.

Now that ebook sales have overtaken print books it is clearer than ever that ebooks are not only here to stay but are the main format for reading as we move into the future. 

Only a couple of decades ago there wasn't much point to having electronic books because very few people owned a computer. How times have changed. These days it's unusual for people not to own several devices capable of reading electronic documents... including computers, laptops, portable e-readers and smartphones. 

Check out this chart of Ebook Sales Growth based on statistics from the Association of American Publishers.

  • According to a study by eMarketer ebook reader usage quadrupled from 2009 to 2011.

  • In April 2011 Association of American Publishers reported that ebook sales had  overtaken sales of print books for the publishers they track.

  • In August 2012 Amazon reported that ebook sales have now overtaken print books in their UK store.

  • Many other countries are still 'catching up'... reinforcing how much room there still is for further growth!

Until a few years ago the best way to publish an ebook was to get your manuscript into PDF format and start selling it from your own web site. You can still do that today however if you want to be taken seriously as an independent author then you should also make your ebooks available at the major ebook stores that have emerged in recent years such as Amazon's Kindle Store and Barnes & Noble's Nook Books.

Now an author can take a finished manuscript and self-publish it to the major ebook stores within a few days. This makes it easy for fans to find your ebooks and download these to their Kindles, Nooks, iPads, smartphones and other e-readers.

A large number of authors are now bypassing agents and publishers and "doing it themselves". These independent authors are earning a greater share of the revenue from their sales than ever before!

Ebooks are turning the publishing industry upside down... and authors are coming out on top!

Earlier in 2011 John Locke became the first indie author to sell 1 million books in the Kindle store. He was followed by Amanda Hocking in November.

Amazon recently revealed that 12  independent authors have sold 200,000 books and 30 have sold 100,000 books.

There are many more ebook authors who are selling thousands and tens of thousands of their ebooks every month!

There has never been a better time to become a self-publishing independent author!

I have been publishing and selling my own ebooks for many years. Although I had a head start over many other writers I've still had to adapt to include the new ebook formats and publishing procedures for getting into stores like Amazon & Barnes & Noble.

What about you? 

  • Would you like to self-publish your ebooks and avoid splitting the revenue from sales with agents and traditional publishers?

  • Are you confused about the different types of ebooks?

  • Are you unsure how to format your manuscript so that it converts properly?

In this new guide I explain how you can publish your books to the major stores, including instructions on how to convert your own ebooks, starting from Microsoft Word format, into each of the main ebook formats... using software which you can download for free.

What's inside "The Indie Author's Guide to Publishing Ebooks"?

  • An Introduction to Ebooks, the different Ebook Formats and the most popular Ebook Readers.

  • Self-Publishing: Why Do It and What Is Required?

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Converting Your Own Manuscripts into each of the Major Ebook Formats, including MOBI (for Kindle) and EPUB.

  • How to Get Your Ebooks into Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, Smashwords, and other major bookstores.

  • How to sell your ebooks from your own web site.

  • Advice on Copyright, ISBNs, Digital Rights Management, Ebook Covers, Editing, Building an Author Platform and much more!




"E-publishing is a phenomenon no author can afford to ignore. No matter how you publish - traditionally or on your own - your book must be in digital format. Gary McLaren is way ahead of the curve when it comes to ebooks. The Indie Author's Guide to Publishing Ebooks covers the subject expertly, thoroughly, and engrossingly (this from a writer who ordinarily eschews adverbs!)"

~Bobbi Linkemer,


"Gary, I just downloaded your ebook. I have only had time to skim through it but it appears to have more useful information than any other ebook I have ever purchased. Your instructions are easy to follow and the advice is worth a fortune. Thanks."

~ Bob James, North Carolina


"WOW!!! That's a lot of solid information put into a concise, totally usable document. You really over-deliver. Many thanks!"

~ T.L. Eason, New Jersey


"This book was really an eye opener to me. Beforehand I had been connecting with whoever was willing to help me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Even though I got some help there and there, it was not really enough or straight to the point like this gentleman's book. I do not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants to start out on publishing his/her e-book for the very first time. All that you need is in there."

~ Onkabetse Nkete, Botswana.
Author of
The Messenger



Who am I to talk about ebook publishing? As I mentioned earlier I have already been writing and selling ebooks for more than 11 years! I run two popular web sites for writers, Worldwide Freelance Writer and Publish Your Own Ebooks where I help writers with freelancing and publishing advice. I know about ebooks because of my first-hand experience. Over the years I have written and sold around ten ebooks, as well as a couple of dozen other information products. One of my ebooks has now earned around twenty thousand dollars.

In terms of size the PDF version of this guide is more than 225 pages. But PDF is not your only choice. I know that many writers already own an e-reader so you can download this in any of the following ebook formats: PDF, Mobi format (for Kindle), and ePub format (for Nook, iPad, Kobo and Sony readers).

Important, what this Guide is NOT:
This is not a guide on how to WRITE an ebook, or how to MARKET an ebook. This is about the mechanics of publishing ebooks, how to get your manuscript into the most important ebook formats, and how to get your ebook into the major ebook stores. Also, it is not an advanced formatting guide for complicated manuscript formats or enhanced ebooks.

Don't delay your move to ebook publishing. The independent authors who are outperforming the rest today are those who took action over the past year or two and who have now established a strong presence in the ebook stores. The sooner you take action the better. In the next year or two the number of people with digital ereaders is expected to grow even more!

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