Ebook Publishing Quick Reference Card Giveaway

I have updated the Ebook Publishing Quick Reference Card (PDF). 

This is an excellent resource for indie authors and ebook publishers who would like to be able to see at a glance:

  • The Main Ebook Formats
  • The Major Ebook Stores
  • Ebook Royalties Chart for Each Store
  • Ebook Aggregator Comparison Chart (including 6 major aggregators)
  • Ebook Revenue Chart (2002 – 2011)
  • Ebook Market Share of Major Ebook Stores (USA)
  • Book Awards for Indie Authors
  • Top Twitter Hashtags for Ebook Authors
  • A List of Free Software Applications for Ebook Authors & Publishers
  • A Glossary of 26 Ebook Publishing Terms
  • and more!

The data is arranged into a compact 4-page PDF. You can print it out and laminate it if you would like to, or even better, keep it on your computer for quick access to the online resources via hyperlinks. This is in a Letter Size PDF layout, so will be best viewed on larger screens.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for the giveaway I was running on this page has now expired.
This resource can now be purchased here.

You will also be able to download updates as they become available. If you have already downloaded an earlier version you can simply click on the Updates link now (at the bottom right of the Quick Ref PDF) to get the latest version.




  1. This is wonderful material to help authors publish their books.

  2. Awesome, this looks like a great resource for independent publishers.

  3. Patricia says:

    Thank you for sharing such a vital tool for e-publishing. Your many hours of research are appreciated.

  4. Gary, this is great, you have great information on your site… Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for these reference cards, they are a great way to get a quick sense of the trends in the market.

  6. Thanks Gary, a very worthwhile and helpful guide. Well produced and essential as a quick reference for all E-book/self publishing trends and info.
    Thanks again! Andy.

  7. Useful map of the ebook space.

  8. Thank you for your work. I appreciate having the information, and I share what I learn with my writers’ group. I know some of them started getting your newsletter after I shared your website with them.

  9. Jean Gorman says:

    Great to have all the e-publishing channels laid out in a table. Thanks, Gary.

  10. Gary,
    With my 36+ years in journalism, reference and publishing, all I can say is congratulate you for the thoroughly professional job you’re doing, not just with this card but also with the other two charts – Ebook Aggregators Comparison Chart and Major Ebook Stores & Royalties Chart.
    If we were in a conference venue you’d be getting my standing ovation.
    Keep it that way,

  11. Thanks Gary, this is a great resource. There is so much to understand about eBooks and this goes a long way towards getting folks started. The stats are awesome.. not only that you have shared them but they are awesome in themselves.



    • Helen, thanks. Yes the stats are incredible and they keep climbing… today I read that sales of ebooks have now overtaken sales of print books at Amazon UK, as they did at Amazon U.S. just over a year ago. There is still plenty more room for growth worldwide!

  12. Thanks for the great download. I get your newsletter and love it. I have shared with lots of folks on lots of sites.

    • Kristi, thanks for commenting here and for spreading the word… there’s nothing as powerful as “word of mouth” and I really appreciate it. All the best, Gary

  13. Gary,

    Many thanks for your generosity. It’s great to have this valuable and useful information at my fingertips. Your eBook Publishing Quick Reference Guide has saved me hours of work!

    Also, I enjoy your newsletters tremendously and always learn something from them. Again, many thanks.

    Shirley Carolan


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