Digital Sales Will Overtake Traditional Books In 2018

This just in!

According to a September 2009 survey by the Frankfurt Book Fair of 840 international industry experts, the year when digital sales will overtake sales of traditional books will be 2018.

Now if you had any doubts about which way the ebook industry is going, that should clarify it for you. That’s industry insiders who were surveyed. At a traditional book fair.

Although the majority of respondents estimated that less than 10% of their revenue would come from digital sources this year, 38% estimated that more than 25% of their their total revenue would come from digital sales in 2011.

Now that’s a huge increase… and it reflects the exciting growth that the ebook industry is currently experiencing.


  1. Gary your article makes a very good point. With the problems that traditional publishers face to sell its books. It is not surprising that ebook publishing because of its relatively low overhead is now poised to over take traditional publishinbg. In my opinion it is the best solution now for authors and small publishers. I believe that ebook sales may reach that milestone even sooner than 2018.

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