Digital Publishing News for 4 April 2016

Digital Publishing NewsHere is a quick roundup of some of the latest digital publishing news for early April 2016.

There’s No One Way to Sell an Ebook

At Publishers Weekly, a survey of independent digital-first publishers reveals a wide array of growth strategies.
Interviews with these five independent publishers show a range of publishing practices with the e-books they publish and highlight the ways in which they promote and market their lists.

Deloitte’s Consumer Review: Digital Predictions 2016

The digital predictions report is out and The Bookseller has an interesting article about it. “Deloitte expects companies to adopt a number of cognitive technologies this year, including machine learning, natural language processing and speech recognition, all of which could have a place in publishing, particularly in the educational sector.”

On the subject of virtual reality, they had this to say,  “(It has) much potential when it comes to giving a remote consumer a detailed idea of what a physical space or product looks like… So what if you could give readers a virtual reality tour of Narnia, or bring intricate book covers to life?”

Read more on how emerging digital technology may impact publishing.

Why Indie Authors Need a Social Media Publishing Calendar and How to Build One

In an article at The Independent Publishing Magazine, Antonio Tooley explains the ways a social media publishing calendar can make the promotion of your book much more successful. He also provides you with practical tips that will help you build such a calendar.

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