Digital Publishing Hackathon Aims to Improve Discoverability

On 18th-19th May a group of hundreds of digital designers, engineers, programmers, and entrepreneurs spent 36 hours in a Publishing Hackathon. The mission? To develop new approaches to digital book discovery. “How do we help people find the right book at the right time? “Book discovery needs innovation. It’s never been easier to get a book […]

Amazon to Acquire Goodreads

Today Amazon announced they have reached an agreement to acquire Goodreads. This is a big announcement and I must admit I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st already. But this is an acquisition that makes a lot of sense. Founded in 2007, Goodreads is now one of the leading online […]

Book Awards for Indie Authors

This post has been updated for 2013. When you browse the shelves at your local bookstore have you noticed that some books have small gold seals declaring outstanding achievements such as “Gold Medal Winner” or “Readers Favorite Award Winner”? How would you like to be one of those award-winning authors? Out of the many book […]

A Shared Circle of Indie Publishing Experts at Google+

One of my objectives for 2013 is to be very active on the Google Plus social network. Today I am sharing a circle of key people I follow on Google Plus who provide great advice on indie publishing, e-publishing and book marketing. Admittedly I’m quite new to Google Plus but I love it already. I only have […]

Amazon’s Kindle Store – A Breakdown of Books by Category

I guess you have been to Amazon’s Kindle Store a ton of times but could you break down the books in the Store – even roughly – by category? Since visual charts and graphs are sometimes a better way to get an overview I decided to put together an Infographic showing how the books are […]