Amazon to Acquire Goodreads

Today Amazon announced they have reached an agreement to acquire Goodreads. This is a big announcement and I must admit I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st already. But this is an acquisition that makes a lot of sense. Founded in 2007, Goodreads is now one of the leading online […]

A Shared Circle of Indie Publishing Experts at Google+

One of my objectives for 2013 is to be very active on the Google Plus social network. Today I am sharing a circle of key people I follow on Google Plus who provide great advice on indie publishing, e-publishing and book marketing. Admittedly I’m quite new to Google Plus but I love it already. I only have […]

7 Big Issues I’ve Come Across Writing My Debut Novel

by Matthew Turner Today’s guest post comes from Matthew Turner. In November Matthew posted here about 4 Online Haunts Where Your Readers Live. Tomorrow marks the launch of his novel Beyond Parallel and he’s back with us today to share some of the biggest issues he has encountered while self-publishing his novel … over to you Matthew… […]

4 Online Haunts Where Your Readers Live

by Matthew Turner Today’s guest post comes from Matthew Turner (a.k.a. Turndog Millionaire). In keeping up with the industry I follow many self-publishing and book marketing blogs. Over the past year I noticed one name popping up time and again, offering excellent advice and tips for authors. Matthew Turner is a strategic marketer, an author himself, […]

7 Reasons You May Be Losing International Readers

…and four things you can do about it. Technology in general and the Internet in particular has made the world seem much smaller, but in reality the world remains a large and very diverse place. This diversity directly affects sales of your ebooks internationally. There are differences in internet connectivity, in brands of ebook reader, […]