A Beginner’s Guide to Ebooks

The Beginner's Guide to Ebooks

The Beginner's Guide to Ebooks

This week I launched my new guide to (reading) ebooks, “The Beginner’s Guide to Ebooks“.

While this is not a guide to writing ebooks it will be helpful to those writers who don’t really understand about ebooks. The book explains the answers to many questions people have including:

  • What is an ebook?
  • What ebook formats are there?
  • What are the advantages of ebooks?
  • How do you read them?
  • Where are the best places to buy them?
  • How can I try ebooks without an ebook reader?

For further details on this book visit www.EbookIntroduction.com



  1. Frank Lingo says:

    Thanks for the Beginners Guide to ebooks.
    I knew very little about ebooks but your guide is helping me catch up. I look forward to checking out more of your helpful work.

  2. Hi Gary,

    It seems such a short time ago that the Kindle arrived on the scene as a new ‘techie’ thing that was best treated with caution. I can see now that it is ‘get in, or get run over’ when it comes to ebooks and self-publishing.
    I’m sure your ‘Beginner’s Guide to Ebooks’ will set me on the right path.

  3. Gary, heartfelt thanks for writing this book.
    In my last comment I just suggested that you write an e-book giude for dummies, then I come here and see you already have! Exactly what writers new to the e-publishing world need. It’s a big complicated e-world out there – they don’t call it the web for nothing! This will make my life easier and set me on the right path – thank you.

    • Hi Ashley, thank you for your comments. Please note that my ebook “A Beginner’s Guide to Ebooks” is for those who are new to ebooks and how to read them. However it is not a guide to writing, converting and publishing ebooks. Since readers need to understand which formats can be read on which devices, it does discuss the various ebook readers and formats, but from a reader’s point of view. I’m in the process of writing a separate guide for writers and self-publishers.

      • I look forward to your guide for writers and self-publishers. I bought your template package a while back but just recently found the time to play around with it. I think that I’m getting the hang of it but a guide would be nice.

  4. I purchased a (very reasonably priced) copy of the book and found out so much info I did not know. Bookmarking, Formats, Digital Rights, too much to mention. Thanks Gary for enlightening me to the Ebook era. The “Fickle Face of Literature” is changing so fast we hardly get time to read the instructions before they are outdated.

  5. Thanks for all the information I see here. I used MS Office to make a simple book about Life Story writing; it’s okay but not that professional looking so I’m glad to know about this book and this web site source.
    Thank you

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