Amazon Launches Audible Author Services

Audible.comYou’ve probably already considered reaching your readers with books and ebooks but don’t overlook the fast-growing audience for audiobooks. And here is another reason to consider audiobooks.

“, the world’s largest seller and producer of digital spoken-word entertainment, announced yesterday that it has established a $20 million fund for authors. Authors who sign up to participate in the Audible Author Services program will gain access to Audible’s marketing and merchandising expertise to help them enhance their audience. For each audiobook sold at, or iTunes, enrolled authors will receive one dollar directly from Audible, over and above the royalty revenue streams Audible’s fast-growing sales are already generating. Audible will provide each participating author with a suite of quick-start tools, including audio samples and links, to deploy via social media and for promotion of their work, and will offer other awareness and audience-escalation services.” is an Amazon company.

Find out more in the official press release.
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  1. how do i get my book into audible form??
    ps very technologically challenged

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