7 Tools for Tracking Ebook Sales

Ebook Sales TrackingIf you are anything like other ebook authors I know, then you probably spend a fair amount of time checking your ebooks’ sales figures and rankings. The reports offered at some major ebook stores, however, tend to be quite basic. Fortunately there are a number of alternative tracking services available.

Some of the following services also attempt to estimate sales but remember these are only estimates. Unless the source is directly from the ebook store, e.g. Amazon, then this will probably only a “best guess” of expected sales based on a particular rank.

With tools like these you can also keep track of how your competitors’ ebooks are doing and even get some ideas for your next book by researching the performance of particular titles.

Author Central
At Amazon’s Author Central you can click on the Sales Info tab to see graphs of your book’s ranking.

A free service for authors to track their Amazon Sales Rank through Amazon’s various stores around the world. Sales quantities are only estimates.

Metric Junkie
A free service that displays Amazon Sales data through charts and graphs. You can track sales and estimate product market share.

Sales Rank Express
Another free service. Sales Rank Express pulls together sales rankings from Amazon and NovelRank. A nice feature here is the ability to see “pairings”. Pairings reflect books that are bought most often by the same customers, and this information is presented by Amazon to customers in various ways to encourage additional purchases.

A tracking service for both Amazon and Barnes & Noble stores. A free account will let you do some limited tracking on one book; however you will need to pay for more features or to track multiple books.

Books & Writers
Another service to track your book rank on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. Their Rank Monitoring Service allows you to receive hourly, daily, or weekly email updates of rankings and view charts tracking a book’s ranking over those intervals. It costs $10 per year for 1 – 2 books; $20 per year for 3 to 10 books.

This service offers analytics and customized graphs from Amazon. It costs $3 to track a book at one Amazon store for 3 months, or $9 for a year.

Finally, although it can be a lot of fun watching your ebook’s sales rank – if it’s improving anyway – it is usually more productive for your writing career to spend less time watching your rank and more time working on your next book.


This post was based on an extract from “The Indie Author’s Guide to Publishing Ebooks“. To find out more about this ebook self-publishing guide go here.

If you have any experience with these tools that you would like to share, or you know of another good tool, please leave a comment below.


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Gary McLaren is the author of 'The Indie Author's Guide to Publishing Ebooks'. He also manages several web sites for professional writers including Publish Your Own Ebooks and Worldwide Freelance.


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